The MSM, of modular conception, is made up of three units :
1) the data acquisition unit which comprises:

  • a roughness sensor ( contact or non-contact ),
  • an amplifier unit to condition the signal obtained on the sensor ,
  • an Analog / Digital Converter board (ADC).

2) the displacement unit, which allows displacement and positioning of the sample surface under test, comprises :

  • two step-by-step crossed stepper motors,
  • a power unit to amplify the motor driving signal,
  • a Stepping Motor Controller board.

3) the central processing unit, which controls data acquisition and their exploitations, exists under two material and software MSM configurations :
© a PC compatible under Windows system.
User-friendly, allowing 2D and 3D data acquisitions. This configuration has the following functions :

  • least squares fitting,
  • low and high-pass filtering,
  • roughness parameter calculation,
  • high resolution printing for 3D maps.

Its program allows :

  • quick 3D statistical and frequential analysis,
  • access to specific descriptive measures,
  • measurement of fractal dimensions,
  • richer data bases.